The Story

“As Far As The World Goes” (aka, AFATWG) is a Sims 3 graphic novel and a long-running generational story following the overlapping life of several families.

It focuses heavily on the Golzine family of criminal masterminds. Despite their different style, all Golzine heirs are all bound by family duty and a tendency to attract trouble and complicated love stories.

“To the Edge of Time” (TTEOT) is the continuation of their story, in which current heiress Sam Golzine is accidentally sent through time and space with her half-brother Ashley. And it looks like have undergone a few substantial physical changes during the trip, further complicated by their common history. They have left unresolved conflicts behind, and need to cope with their new situation.

Will they be able to retrieve their former appearance and go back to their timeline? And what happened to their families in the meantime?

TTEOT starts directly at chapter #746.

For your convenience, you will find below direct links to the AFATWG summaries/chapter lists.

Main Cast

NB: This is a work of fiction that contains some content intended for mature audiences and NSFW scenes; discretionary caution is highly advised.